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Change your AR Group - Change your Life

From the beginning, Active Rain has provided a forum for discussion on a bewildering number of topics. 

Bicycle fastHowever I have noticed a topic which should be of interest to all of us that did not appear in my group search.  I propose to correct that and I invite all interested parties to a new group on Active Rain


Group description:  "We are an aging population. Health and wellness are increasingly significant topics as we realize we may be around longer than we thought. Medical expenses and quality of life issues are important to all of us at any age. Members of this blog are encouraged to discuss products, strategies and technologies from exercise regimens to food supplements to diet advice to personal experiences - all are welcome. Like our retirement plans, our age management plans may be significant to our futures. Start early, plan ahead and enjoy an enhanced quality of life in your future."

Bicycle slowThis group may become a home for MLM members to sing the praises of their product lines - New fad diets to be discussed - New strategies for providing housing and care for our parents - Discussions about how we are dealing (or plan to deal) with changes in our lifestyles as we age.  Talk about nutrition, exercise, financial planning, family matters, new cars - this is your forum to discuss lifestyle issues that you think are important for your quality of life. 

Active Rain has groups for senior issues, but we haven't all admitted to ourselves that we are seniors yet or that we we will be soon enough.  So I hope to capture the attention of all of us who seek not only a longer life, but a better quality of life now, next year and beyond.

I hope that many of you will join and participate in this group.  I believe we all should be interested in what concerns you, what you think works for you, and what you may learn from others.  We are all in the same boat here, and ultimately nobody gets out alive.  But physical health and well being - as well as mental health and well being - will be important to us all for years to come as our life span increases.  Begin to plan now for the body and mind that will take you to the century mark and beyond.  It may improve your quality of life starting tomorrow. 

Welcome to the Age Management Group <link>. What we are and what we may become depends on you and the information you choose to share in this group. 

Click here to visit and join.  I hope to see many of you on a regular basis.  To quote Mr Spock on Star Trek - Live long and Prosper - and tell us all about it.  None of us are too young to enter into these discussions, but if you are over 40 - you need to be here and talking about what is to come and what you may want to start doing about it now.

Change your AR Group - Change your Life

Change your Group - Change your life


36 commentsTed Baker • February 21 2009 06:39AM


Ted there is already a group called Senior Issues. Hopefully, this group and that will complement each other. Of course, with the fact that I am only going to be 62 this year, I have another 20 or 30 years before I have to consider either group;^)

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) about 5 years ago

Always a pleasure to hear from you Mike - but you may have missed the premise of this group and its relationship with the Senior Issues group which I mention by name. 

If you like, try it again with your reading glasses on.    (o:

Also, you may want to take into consideration that the government considers you to be eligible for Social Security this year.  Congratulations.  Of course the current administration would probably reduce the retirement age to 35 - but they may need your tax contributions.

Thanks, Mike for stopping by.

Posted by Ted Baker, (Carmody and Associates LLC) about 5 years ago

Ted - I saw the paragraph, but, for some reason didn't equate groups for senior issues  with the Senior Issues group. However, having worked with computers and other binary/digital devices and technologies for 40 years, I sometimes am quite literal. I will be taking that early SS this year.

Posted by Mike Saunders (Lanier Partners) about 5 years ago

I'm in Ted. I try to add something to the group but I'm awfully young at 46.

Posted by Kevin Robinson, High End Vacation Homes about 5 years ago

OK Ted - I'm in.  It's already given me an idea for a post or two.  "Aging in place" is a concern for plenty of buyers nowadays.  Great idea - though I do have to ponder the idea of "managing age" - would that it were possible - ha!


Posted by Elizabeth Bolton, Cambridge MA Realtor (RE/MAX Destiny Real Estate Cambridge, MA) about 5 years ago

Thanks to all for stopping by - and signing up. 

My intention is that this should deal with topics that interest people in their 40's and 50's - as well as older.  Like Mike, I am 62 so should have already been thinking about these things. (kind of like retirement accounts - right?)

I think the increasing life span statistics have caused some concern to all of us as we realize that we may be around for quite a while after the money and the active physical health runs out.  You can plan for both eventualities - but you need to start early - maybe earlier than Mike and I have.

So for those like Mike who don't think that the Senior Issues group is for them yet - think of this as a bridge the gap group for those who aren't thinking they are there yet - but maybe should be thinking about it in advance.

When I look at some of the nutritional supplements, exercise machines and lifestyle advice that is out there - I think that your quality of life can be enhanced at any age - and you can feel better longer in the process. 

And that is all part of the wider field that I refer to as age management.



Posted by Ted Baker, (Carmody and Associates LLC) about 5 years ago

Ted ~ I have left alot of groups in AR for many reasons. Glad to join your group. As always it should be an adventure.

Posted by Nicholas Goglucci, The Listing Whisperer (South Florida Real Estate & Development, Inc.) about 5 years ago

Thanks, Nick and welcome


Posted by Ted Baker, (Carmody and Associates LLC) about 5 years ago

HI TED! I'm in as well. I look forward to ALL the help & suggestions I can get! LOL

Seriously, I think its a great idea to do some brain stroming with issues that are going to effect us all eventually.

Happy SELL'ng from Paradise, TX!

Posted by Kathy Fisher, Realtor Wise County Texas (Parker Properties) about 5 years ago

I just read my grandfather's memoirs and he wrote about being a pioneer and the pioneer spirit. (He eventually came East, got his PhD from Yale and headed up the Census Bureau.  But before that, he was a sodbuster and a cowboy).

There aren't many frontiers left anymore, but I've decided to be a pioneer in aging!  I have to do it anyway, so I want to put energy into it now so that I'm not a victim of aging.

  I want to manage it, to anticipate it, to enjoy it and most importantly, to share whatever I can along the trail. Our times are very different, but this will be my frontier.

Posted by ELIZABETH VALLANCE (Long and Foster Real Estate Services Inc) about 5 years ago

Hi Ted...

I gather it's time for someone like me to raise my hand and say Yes...AARP signed me up. That being the case I'll join your Group but don't tell anyone I'm over 30 :)


Posted by "The Lovely Wife" (Broker Bryantnulls Wife) The One And Only TLW. (President-Tutas Towne Realty, Inc.) about 5 years ago

Today is my husband's 40th b-day. I am still 39!  Don't worry, I can join the group soon!

Posted by Kristi DeFazio, Colorado Springs Rea lEstate 719-459-5468 (RE/MAX Advantage) about 5 years ago

Hello Ted, count me in!  At 54, I am open to learning about ANYTHING that will help me age gracefully!

Posted by Peggy Edwards, REALTOR - Green Designation, Tampa, FL (Future Home Realty) about 5 years ago

Hello Ted,

Thank you for coming up with this one -- I think it is great and will be watching and hopefully putting my 2 cents in here and there!  I'm 55, sometimes feel like 39, sometimes feel like...well..."Where's My Rascal", comes to mind?! 


I'm in -- Terry


Posted by Terry Rule-Swett, ePro (Swett-Equity Group) about 5 years ago

Wow, sure are getting a good response, Ted.  I'm in - I'm 58 going on 29.  After the last couple of months I need to rethink retirement. 

Health - great!  I just am not always able to convince my body to respond to direction from my 29 year old brain.

Vitamins - Amway Nutrilite for Women - most pure and easily absorbed.

For high Cholesterol - Cinnamon tablets and Fish Oil.  Bet your Dr didn't tell you about that; and, exercise.

See you Guys on the Beach Road at 5 am CST!

Posted by Bobbi Blades, ABR,CRS,GRI,PMN,RRS (Re/Max on the Coast) about 5 years ago

OK Ted I'm in - but I have to say forcing me to look age in the face just two weeks before my 49th birthday is really not nice coming from a friend!!!!! :)

Posted by Simon Conway (Orlando Area Real Estate Services) about 5 years ago

Ok I'll join.Isn't 50 the new 30?

What we have to remember is that many Realtors work well into their 80's because our industry really has no ceiling on age. Actually, the older we are, the more respect we have...however, the energy levels sometimes don't keep up.

Posted by DEBORAH STONE (Hogue and Belong Bankers Hill- San Diego, CA) about 5 years ago

Welcome all and thanks for stopping by - and staying !

If I had any sense, I would have had pre-written posts to get us all started.  But the genesis of this idea was a search this morning for a group on Active Rain for a product that I had an interest in...

No groups listed.

I looked for some general health and wellness, anti-aging groups...

No groups listed.

How can this be ? 135.000 members and 5,000 groups and nobody is talking about health and wellness for the rest of their life - whether they are 30, 48+ (OK Simon?), 60 or older. 

So as President Obama said a few weeks ago, "OK - Now what do we do."

I note Active Rain has already featured our group in their email newsletter (Thanks, guys) so expectations are high.

Film at 11



Posted by Ted Baker, (Carmody and Associates LLC) about 5 years ago

Interesting idea, coping and acknowledging where we are in age...our society doens't much like talking about that.  We want to be ageless, and younger and we are ...50 is the new 40 and 60 is the new 50, etc.  BUT changes do happen and challenges appear.  How we deal with them determines the rest of our lives.  SO, good idea, good topics to come, I'll be watching. 

Posted by Terrylynn Fisher, HAFA Certified, EcoBroker, CRS, CEP Realtor, Etc. (Dudum Real Estate Group - about 5 years ago

Hey, Ted - Great idea!  I just joined and look forward to many great discussions...  many thoughts right now but not much time, so i'll log in and comment more soon

Posted by Paula Burt, REALTOR , SFR, RECS about 5 years ago

Hi Ted, I'll sign up but don't spank me if I write about the virtues of younger men for 'age-managed' women!

Posted by Susie Blackmon, Ocala, Horses, Western Wear, Horse Farms, Marketing about 5 years ago

Thanks Susie - I will certainly look forward to your contributions. 

Welcome Terrylynn and Paula.

Again, thanks to all for joining the adventure


Posted by Ted Baker, (Carmody and Associates LLC) about 5 years ago
after a back surgery, shoulder surgery, and gall bladder removal in the last 24 months (back and gall bladder done within 3 months of each other) my 36 year old body feels 50
Posted by Christopher Johnston (The Johnston Team) about 5 years ago

I'm in Ted. I'll be 49 in May, so I am waaaay in.

I really believe the only way besides prayer to get through the stress of this business is to take care of our physical selves. When we take care of our bodies then our mental faculties seem to be more acute. Of course I am all talkie and no walkie right now because I haven't exercised in weeks and dinner last night was comfort food by way of tuna casserole and a scotch.

Looking forward to this group's motivation.

Posted by Dee Nofziger, Maumee Real Estate, Toledo Homes, Key Realty (|Key Realty | Maumee Toledo Real Estate Blog) about 5 years ago

All right Ted, I guess I am in, my wife however will need some time before she decides if she is in. There is a lot that we can learn by simply talking about the subject. Let's give it a try. We dance to stay fit and incorporate that with our business, I think this works in business and in health.


Posted by Antonio & Alexia Cardenas, "The Realtors In Motion" (Alameda County - San Leandro, CA.) about 5 years ago

Thanks, Antonio.  Great photos on your profile page.  I enjoyed your discussion of passion and precision.  Great description of your inspiration. 


Welcome also to Christopher and Dee.  Dee - no, no - we get our motivation from you.

Posted by Ted Baker, (Carmody and Associates LLC) about 5 years ago

Hi Ted,

I think you're on to something here.  My husband and I have been seeing an anti-aging doctor for about 2 1/2 years now and it has done wonders for our quality of life.  We baby boomers are not going to "go gently into that good night."

Posted by Kate Wheeler, CCIM - Murphy NC Real Estate for Sale (Country Homes and Land Murphy NC Realtor ) about 5 years ago

Lots of howdy do's here,  but now I'm ready for the news or info that you folks who have figured out the retirement gig have for us!   I know some of you have migrated to Costa Rica for the low cost of living as well as other great places, so let us soon to be retiree's know how its done!   I am 49 and am about to retire form my fire dept career after 25 years and then continue my Austin home inspection work until the legs give out for crawling in those attics and crawl spaces!   I now know where I will go when I need continuous care:  Cruise Ships!  I just got a funny email about how much cheaper it is on a cruise ship than in a nursing home.  See the world,  eat like a king/queen and have nightly entertainment!  Count me in!   I'm looking forward to the info that gets shared here and best wishes to you all (that's y'all around here!!)  Howdy from Texas!  Glen

Posted by Glen Kotulek, Austin Home Inspector, schedule online (Home Critique Property Inspections LLC) about 5 years ago

Cool!  Okay, we are all baby boomers here.  At 52, I don't have grey permed hair and really can't fess up to feeling like a senior.  How old do you have to be to be a senior and to want to follow the same legislation that AARP does? 

Posted by Gina Zimmerman, Fort Wayne Real Estate (North Eastern Group Realty) about 5 years ago

Welcome Gina, Glen and Kate

The theory is that nobody is too young to be in this group.  I think it is like financial planning for retirement.  The earlier you start the better off you will be. 

26 people have joined this group since the announcement that we were missing something on Saturday.  I am very pleased with the response. 

Now if some of us will start keying in their thoughts on relevant topics, we can have some fun here. 

I may even learn something, if I am not careful. 

Thanks to all here.

Posted by Ted Baker, (Carmody and Associates LLC) about 5 years ago

I'm in.  Just turned 60 so I definitely qualify.  

Posted by Carolyn Heilman, GRI, SRS (Century 21 Premier Realty) about 5 years ago

Hey Ted, My husband just qualified for the 'senior' discount at the local department store. He's only 56! I had to laugh. Now all kidding aside. This is a great idea. It's smart to be proactive. Thanks.

Posted by Marian Gregor-Ann, Arbor area Real Estate (Keller Williams) about 5 years ago

Well Ted, looks like you really started something here.  As a youngster (in my twenties) I always had much older friends.  The secret I saw was to stay engaged and enthusiastic/passionate about something/s.  I've got a couple of ideas.  I'll be back soon.

Posted by Tamara Perlman (Referral Network Inc.) about 5 years ago

Welcome Carolyn, Marian and Tamara.  We all qualify. I really think that the younger readers will have the opportunity to receive the most benefits from considering the topics to be discussed here since preparation may be the key to enhanced quality life in later years.

Tamara - as one of your new much older friends, I hope you and our other members will begin to contribute posts for discussion.  The response from readers has been fun to see - but I am short on contributors so far. 

I thought being open to members who direct sell diets, exercise programs, food supplements, vitamins and health and aging related products would move us forward in content and controversy but so far content has been limited. 

I will continue to post content - but even I will get tired of listening to me.  I hope some of you will post about the issues that attracted you to join the group.


Posted by Ted Baker, (Carmody and Associates LLC) about 5 years ago

Hi Ted--

I have my first post in the composition stage.  Hope to be able to round it out tonight...  You'll be the first to know!

Posted by Tamara Perlman (Referral Network Inc.) about 5 years ago

Hi Ted--

Just posted the first one, let me know what you think.  It may be one of the most essential in anti-aging strategies...

Posted by Tamara Perlman (Referral Network Inc.) about 5 years ago

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